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About Soil Mender

Soil Mender was founded in 1991, spurred by an abundance of two natural Texas Panhandle byproducts: burrs and manure. Three brothers saw needs on their own farm, and cultivated that into a high-quality, sustainable soil conditioning line. The combination of Texas-grown resourcefulness and a bountiful agricultural environment transformed Soil Mender into the company it is today.
Our Family, Our Farm

Now expanding to a third generation, our family farm is at the core of what we do.  Ultimately, Soil Mender was birthed to serve our own farm needs.  Strategies are developed as we grow through the same challenges and opportunities as our customers.

Local and Independent

Soil Mender remains one of the few independent fertilizer manufacturers in the area.  We are family-owned and operated, striving to build and serve our local communities.  Our independence enables us to deliver the best product for a situation, no matter who the manufacturer is.

Passion to Grow Better

At Soil Mender, the desire to "Grow Better" drives us.  We have a desire to see agriculture carry on in our area through the coming generations and we strive to develop some of the solutions that will make that possible through an ever changing agricultural environment.

Example Corn-1.jpg

There's no "foo foo dust" here.  Soil Mender develops and backs crop and soil solutions with solid scientific backing behind them.  Whether manufactured in house or by one of our partners, our offerings come with the knowledge to implement them in a way that creates solid ROI.

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