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Products & Services


Our product offerings and customization capabilities include:

  • Macro/Micro fertilizer blends

  • Acidic or Neutral pH products

  • Fertigation blends for pivots or drip

  • Foliar nutrition

  • Planter nutrition

  • Preplant Topdress

  • Strip Till nutrition

  • Soil Amendments

  • Water Treatment blends

  • Bio Stimulants

  • Seed Treatments

Customized Nutrition

Whether you need fertigation, foliar, planting or pre-plant nutrition, we've got you covered for all of your crop nutrient needs. Every custom blend we ship is tailored to your field's individual needs. Each year we help, sampling data and documented field history enable us to serve your individual needs as we grow together.

Crop Advising

We want to help you take a proactive approach to crop management. A healthy plant can more easily defend itself from disease and insects, and deal with drought and heat stress. Our top priority is to identify the limiting factors that inhibit production quality and profitability, and then solve those issues.   We want to get to know you, your farming practices, your budget, your soil types, and your goals. We can then take that information and blend a custom fertilizer specific to your field to boost your yields, quality, and ultimately, your bottom line.


Our capabilities as a nutrition formulator give us the ability to offer retailers and distributors a unique suite of crop nutrition products.  We offer contract manufacturing and private label opportunities.  

Amine Nitrogen
Complexed Phosphorus
Seed Treatment

Featured Products

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